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A Mother In The Blink Of An Eye

Mia was a 14-year-old girl, her life changed and she didn’t even realize it. She was in love with a boy that was older than her by a couple of years. Nobody knew about them, not even her friends. They had this thing going on for a couple of years, she wasn’t talking to or with anyone else because she truly loved him. They had ups and downs and he would always say “I’m sorry” and she would forgive him. Every time she got the chance to talk to him, she would talk about marriage, and nothing came out of his mouth. She would see him on weekdays before going to school, he would take her to his house and then to school. She was blinded by the love she had for him.  One day she noticed she had missed her menstrual period. A couple of months went by, still nothing. She figured it was time to talk with him. She was 2 months late. The boy wasn’t ready for this…

“ I can’t…  I have someone else now”, he said.

She couldn’t believe her ears. Mia didn’t know what to do, she was scared she didn’t know who to tell. Her best friend bought her a pregnancy test; it came out positive. It had been 3 months now, and Mia’s mother began to notice. Her mother sat her down and Mia had to tell her everything. Her mother was disappointed and didn’t know what to say.

“ I told you to not follow in my footsteps but you did”,  Mia’s mother said.

The boy blocked Mia’s number on his phone, and on all her social media. Mias birthday came and went and she was alone. She was 5 months pregnant when she found out she was having a girl. She was so excited! labor day came and it was still just her and her daughter but she didn’t care because she knew she would soon have her daughter in her arms. In the delivery room, Mia was comforted by her mother and best friend.

The baby is now 2 years old and could be a clone of Mia. She has also met a handsome and loving man that took in both the baby and Mia. Mia still believes in love and now believes she’s found the right man this time! She is comforted every day with the quote “ Anyone can be a Father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad.”

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