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The Search For Everything by John Mayer

So… John Mayer. He was very popular in the early 2000s, known for his angelic voice and alternative tunes. He’s also commonly known for dating pop-star Taylor Swift… yikes! Mayer is the type of singer that you’ve definitely heard, but never knew who was singing. He hit the peak of his career in approximately 2009, and kind of disappeared from the radio since then. 

However, Mayer came out with a new album in April of this year called The Search For Everything, and I think it is my civic duty as a Mayer fan to give my honest opinion.

Still Feel Like Your Man

Justin Timberlake, is that you? Honestly this song is such a bop. At first I had mixed feelings about this song because it’s totally not him, however listening to it for the 5 millionth time, I’m kind of digging the JT vibes. This is totally a breakup song, however, it’s not serving any sad beats.

Emoji of A Wave

Okay, the name. I saw the word “Emoji” and I was absolutely tempted to skip this song because…cringe. Listening to the song, I realized that it has nothing to do with emojis, thank God. This song is definitely a slower paced song, however it is not lacking a sense of happiness.


“The same drink that gets me up at dawn, is the same drink that puts me on the floor.” Oof. That’s the first line, and I can’t lie, I kind of love it. This song is about being helpless and lost. It’s kind of strange that a sad song has a poppin’ beat, but that kind of helps me not to cry my eyes out. YES, it is totally another breakup song. I’m not even mad about it though. The man knows how to fool your emotions and make you feel happy while thinking about heartbreak.

Love on the Weekend

This is a sweeter, more intimate song, and I’m loving it. This song is more John than the other ones because he is a very intimate man. I think this song is lacking something special though. I can’t decide if I like it or not, I would probably rate this song a 6 out of 10..

In the Blood

This song seems more country, and nothing like John’s usual music. A total flop in my opinion. Next!


I love this one. It’s so child-like, but the meaning is so cute and innocent. It’s mainly about two people changing together, and I think that is so important to keep in mind whenever you’re getting into a relationship.

Theme from “The Search for everything”

This instrumental piece was interesting. I was so surprised to hear this on this album. It screams nostalgia and fall. I have never been a fan of instrumentals because I think they are meaningless, but I love the way it makes me feel.

Moving On and Getting Over

I LOVE THIS. 10 out of 10! John has outdone himself with these JT feels. Love love love. This song is about moving on and getting over your lover, and I love how his album goes from mourning the loss of his lover to moving on. Gotta love the feeling of moving on, must be one of the most satisfying feelings ever.

Never On the Day You Leave

HEARTBREAK IN THE FORM OF A SONG. Honestly such a twist because of the song he put  before this one, I don’t recommend listening to this song if you are in any sort of vulnerable state.


This one is short and sweet. I love this song, it’s almost unexplainable.

Roll it On Home

Such good homey vibes. There are so many good quotes in this song, it’s made with such          good wisdom and good feelings.

You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me

This. This was the perfect way to end the album. It sucks me in with every word, such a precious song.

“This album could’ve totally been better, and not so much of a roller coaster,” said Allison Higgins, a SHS senior. I agree with Allison, this emotional roller coaster is in needs to END. I think this album should’ve been put together better, however, it still has some good bops to it. Give it a listen, it’s totally worth the time. I’m quite in love with John.

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