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Tighten Gun Laws


The events that have occurred in America recently have sparked yet another debate over guns. With the shooting in Las Vegas, then another in Texas; citizens of the U.S. are on the edge and are becoming extremely weary  of the possibility of another one of these instances taking place. This has lead people to form conflicting ideas as to what is best for our country when it comes to the availability and restrictions of firearms.


America is one of the only places in the world with at least one firearm per capita. Other countries have implemented stricter gun laws that have proven to be effective in decreasing their crime rates and homicide rates. The U.S. has one of the highest rates when it comes to deaths caused by firearms. Only 11 people were killed by guns in Japan in 2008. In that same year, 12,000 people in the U.S. were killed by guns. The discrepancy in these numbers should cause some concern among America’s citizens and politicians, but it continues  to be a never-ending battle between gun owners and people who oppose guns.


To citizens of the U.S. guns are readily accessible and fairly easy to buy. At gun shows and some sporting goods stores, background checks are rarely in depth enough to uncover anyone who might plan to use the guns they buy for harmful acts. After the guns are bought, the proper precautions in storing and using guns are often not taken into consideration. Children can find guns in their own homes, out in the open to grab and play with. Guns need to be stored in safe spaces that are locked and difficult to access for both children and criminals.


Guns offer protection against threats and are effective in self defense, but they are also killer weapons that have caused a lot of pain and death in our country. The laws need to be tightened so that fewer people are killed, while firearms are still available for protection to people who have proven themselves mentally and criminally competent enough to own and use them.

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