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Movie Review: Coco

The movie follows a young boy named Miguel who lives in Mexico, and is preparing for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Miguel is an aspiring musician, in a family who hates music and doesn’t get his frustration. He sets out to play a guitar at a contest, he winds up in the land of the dead. He met his relatives and goes on a quest to get back to the land of the living in only a short time.

Me being white and growing up in Arkansas, I only know a little about Mexican culture and traditions. I visited Mexico this summer so I also know a little about things in regards of how things look. The trip I took this summer is why I went to go see this movie. I wanted to learn more about the culture and see if the would portray how it actually is down there. It did just that.

The movie was full of bright colors, authentic buildings, and accurate family values. This movie made by Pixar Animations demonstrates that all people have values and traditions. This movie is definitely a go see, if you want a heartfelt, finding yourself, on the edge of your seat entertainment experience.

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