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All Region

January 12 was the day that all band students had been preparing for–all-region. For them, it was a time of stress and also a time to prove their musical abilities to their peers, directors, and competitors throughout the state. Music that is specific to each individual instrument was distributed to every band student at the end of last year. From there, they had all summer and one semester to tirelessly prepare to compete in January. “Our students have prepared for All Region by attending several group lessons with their band directors as well as practicing on their own for the last several months,” said SHS Band Director, Julius Stevens. “Reference recordings have also been available to help give the students an idea about how the music is supposed to sound at a professional level.” Band kids throughout the state gave a five minute audition to represent their work over the course of months. In some cases, those five minutes go awry, leaving students unable to prove their true capabilities and fulfill their dream of making it into the All-Region band. “The stakes for students auditioning are very high. Short term effects of the audition include being bestowed the honor of earning a place in the All-Region band,” said Stevens. “Long term effects of the audition are being allowed the opportunity to audition at the All-State level, receiving potential college scholarships in the future, and chair placement in our school bands.” The amount of students that qualify for All-Region each year tends to be one of the more competitive aspects of the event. Schools compete to see who has more talent through the number of students that make it into All-Region each year. “I expect our students to do very well since many of them have practiced very hard and diligently over the last several months,” said Stevens. “I’m excited to see their hard work pay off for them!” The results from the competition are below, with 27 students having qualified to audition for All-State three weeks from Friday.

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