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The Greatest Showman – Movie Review

Amazing musical performances, indescribable feelings, real-life situations. The Greatest Showman captures all of these points in its movie. It keeps you hooked till the end.

“Just basically that it’s music grabbed my attention.” said Mrs. Hignite.

The Greatest Showman portrays the life of Phineas Taylor Barnum a.k.a P.T. Barnum. P.T. Barnum is an American showman, politician, and businessman played by Hugh Jackman. Hugh Jackman stars in this movie alongside Zac Efron (Philip Carlyle), Zendaya (Ann Wheeler), Michelle Williams (Charity Barnum), and Keala Settle (Lettie Lutz a.k.a The Bearded Lady). These stars have portrayed a message to today’s real-life ongoing situations.

“The message that I think they portrayed  throughout the movie is that being different and unique is a good and powerful thing in this world. Just because the world ignores you, doesn’t mean you are worth less. Don’t sell your soul to be poor or rich” said Mrs. Hignite.

This movie and the stars in it really point out that not only can you be you but show everybody you are unique. Not only what they do but what they sing in this musical movie really makes you joyful and inspired to be just you. Like the song, This Is Me, really points out that they don’t care what people say about them. They will stand up and walk proudly with their unique and wonderful personalities.

“You should go watch it because the music is great and the message is great,” said Mrs. Hignite, “Not only that but this movie fills your mind with hope and beauty.”

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