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Movie Review: The Greatest Showman

If you like musicals, you will absolutely love The Greatest Showman. The Greatest Showman is about a man named P.T. Barnum who is best remembered for the famous traveling circus. In The Greatest Showman, P.T. Barnum is shown as a guy who loves weird and quirky things, people, and animals. P.T. Barnum was so fascinated with all  people had to offer, that he put them in the circus.  As you watch The Greatest Showman, you can see the romance between Zendaya’s character and Zac Efron’s character start to show a certain message, that you don’t need to be from the same place to love each other.

In The Greatest Showman, the basic message  is that you can be yourself and be unique and not care about what others think, and that you should always be true to yourself instead of being true to others. Hugh Jackman’s character (Barnum) shows what happened in P.T. Barnums past and  how he started caring more about the applause and the praise than caring about  the people he hurt and pushed away.  In the end of all the mess that Hugh Jackman’s character has created, Barnum realizes that he was trying to appear to be more than he really was.

I have seen this musical five times and have loved it more each time.  The message to stay true to yourself  and treat others kindly is so relevant today. 


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