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More Tables Needed in the Courtyard

At Springdale High School, there are about 1,000 students at each lunch and nine tables and 29 benches in the courtyard, where many students choose to eat. However, many of those students don’t have a place to sit because all the tables and most of the benches are full or they are located directly in the sun. Some students end up standing during lunch or they sit on the cement.

Having the ability to be outside on a warm, sunny day gives students the break they need from being inside classroom most of the day. Mayely Guillen, an SHS junior, usually eats in the cafeteria because there are not that many tables were she can sit outside.

“I would eat outside if they added more tables because it is usually crowded in the cafeteria” she said.

The cafeteria has plenty of tables for students to sit but it gets really full there so students choose either the rotunda or the courtyard. The rotunda can also get crowded and there are not enough places where students can sit.

English Teacher Kelli Caudle said that according to research, it is good for teenagers to go outside. An article called “11 Reasons You Should Go Outside” by Business Insider explains that it is good for teenagers to go outside because it relieves stress. Students can be stressed when they are in class and get tired of being inside all day so if they get a change to go outside during lunch and eat then they can be less stressed and have a break from school even if it is for 32 minutes.

Student Guadalupe Araujo, eats outside the auxiliary gym with her friends, even though there are no tables there.

“It’s way better than being inside, you get fresh air,” she said.

Another student, Fanny Montes, said that she likes to eat outside because it is more peaceful than eating in the cafeteria. Fanny eats outside in a table that is located under a tree,  she thinks that more tables should be added outside because she always sees students sitting on the ground eating their food.

In the courtyard there are many spaces where tables could be added. Guadalupe Araujo said that in front of the 900’s building would be a good place to add the tables.There is shade there and mostly no one goes there so it can be a peaceful place to eat.  

Outside there are four tables that are located close to the middle of the courtyard. Another two of the tables are located in front of the 700’s building. One table is located right in front of the rotunda and the last table is located in front of the football stadium fence.

Overall, students prefer to eat outside rather than inside because it’s more peaceful and calm, but there’s not enough tables for each student to sit. Adding more tables can get more students to eat outside so they can have a time to relax and relieve stress.

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