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What We’re Wearing: Fashion Trends at SHS

Fashion at Springdale High School is very different. You see people wearing new trends and people who wear outdated trends. There are many trends going on at our school that you might be wearing right now.

First, let’s talk about the basic shoes everyone wears. You see people wearing Vans, Converse, and Air Forces daily. You can literally match those shoes with anything. These trends have been being going on for a while and there is no chance that they will ever go away.

The new shoe trend this school year is the special-edition Nike Air Force 1 Premium from the JDI (Just Do It) Collection. Everywhere you walk you see these neon shoes, that catch everyone’s attention. 

“When I go to stores I look around and see what catches my attention and that’s how I decide what to wear,” added Citlali Cruz.

Students usually pair these shoes with champion shirts or even plain t-shirts. Speaking of Champion shirts, this clothing line has become very popular. Many students wear these shirts because they are trendy and comfortable at the same time.

Ripped jeans are every girls go-to jeans. Ripped jeans can even be worn by men. They’re very fashionable and can be paired with most anything, like striped shirts. Striped shirts are cute and trendy. They can be paired with colorful colors to simple black and white stripes. Jean jackets can make any boring shirt cool.

You have to admit, you wear athletic clothes and don’t even do sports. That’s okay because athletic clothes are comfortable and fashionable.

We interviewed many students to talk about fashion and what they wear. The students said that ripped jeans, solid color shirts, khaki shorts for guys, and over-sized shirts are what’s hot right now.

Students are also inspired by different people and cultures.

¨I love how in Korea, they dress with a skirt and a baggy shirt tucked in,” said Guadalupe Araujo.


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