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SPOILER ALERT: 13 Reasons Why Book vs. Show Review

By now, everyone has heard or seen 13 Reasons Why on Netflix but have you ever taken the time to read the book? Both book and show share the same concept but have differing  details. I totally recommend reading the book but beware, you will bawl your eyes out.

The story line is the same. In the book is about Clay Jensen’s viewpoint, while in the show it takes the perspective of different characters. Jensen gets home one day only to find a box of tapes and begins listening to them. In the book Jensen listens to the tapes all in one day, while in the show it takes him an entire season to get through them.

Remember how everyone hated Courtney for spreading rumors about Hannah, well it was a totally different rumor in the book. The rumor was that supposedly Hannah had inappropriate items in her dresser. They both had a sleep over at Hannah’s house to find out who was taking pictures of Hannah. In the show we saw that they were making out and there was pictures released of them. In the book they made a plan of giving massages to each other and the pictures still was released to the school.

There is minor differences between the book and the show. One example is right before Hannah’s suicide, she slipped maps to the people who caused her death, while in the story the map came with the box of tapes.

There is a cheerleader who was the cause of Jeff’s death, in the show her name is Sheri. The story behind the car accident is that there was no given name to the teenager who got in the car accident, which was Jeff. In the book her name is Jenny. Both of them are the same character, but just with different names.

In the book Hannah swallows a handful of pills and in the show she cuts her veins. Both deaths are very tragic.

In the book we don’t get much information as to what happened after Hannah’s death. We only know how her death deeply impacted Clay. The show, on the other hand we know that Hannah’s parents are trying to sue the school for Hannah’s cause of the death.

Many students feel like the show is better because it has more action to it, unlike the book. “You get to see what other character felt like after Hannah killed herself and blaming the characters that it was their fault,” stated student Citlali Cruz.

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