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Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Beats Chick-Fil-A

Once again a feud between popular fast-food restaurants has begun. The uproar started when Popeyes came out with their new chicken sandwich. The fast-food chains took the drama to social media. Why so much beef over a chicken sandwich? Popeyes came up with a sandwich that costs the exact same price, is packaged the same, and has the same toppings. What’s the difference you may ask? Well, for starters, Popeyes not only made a sandwich that looks better but tastes better as well! We had the opportunity to eat one, and it was SMACK! The pickles complemented the chicken very well and the chicken breast had that signature Popeyes taste. Chick-Fil-A’s amazing service doesn’t even matter when you’ve got a chicken sandwich from Popeyes in front of you.  Sadly, the chicken sandwich is sold out and we will have to wait to get our hands on another one. Don’t worry, the chain says, the sandwich will be back as a permanent menu item.

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