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SHS to Open More Student Parking Spots

We all hate having to find a parking spot at school, but how far would you go to prove a point? It seems that the majority of student drivers at Springdale High School prefer to park in the field house parking lot, but this can create a problem. The field house parking lot is usually completely filled. 

Senior Gabe Bucao made a post on Snapchat telling students to park in the grass by the field house on September 12th, and also included a sticker of Assistant Principal Eichenberger. The following day about 10 students parked in the grass illegally. A few hours later an announcement was made for all the cars to move out of the grass or they would be booted. 

“At the beginning of the year the fieldhouse parking lot was completely packed, and a bunch of people had to go to neighborhoods or the library,” Bucao said. He also said he would rather park there so he would not have to walk long distances. “I think we should open up more space for us”.

How severe is the parking situation in reality though? 

“We’re having a meeting tomorrow to discuss other areas of the campus we can open up,” Eichenberger said. He listed several areas of parking he plans to open up starting today. “We don’t want to park on the grass, this morning I counted over 100 spots available behind the Auxiliary Gym.”

“Kids want to get as close as they can, and it’s inconvenient to park over there, but there are always spots available.”

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