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Future Bulldogs Test Their Speed

The Springdale High School Cross Country team will have their first Mini Bulldog race this Wednesday, September 25, 2019, at Har-ber High School. The team hosts about three races a year during the fall season. Theses races allow kids from different schools of Springdale to come and race with kids their age. 

“The goal I have is to increase the running community of Springdale and have my runners become mentors and inspire kids to become lifelong runners,” says Coach Bumsted.  The team helps the kids get ready for the race, they show them how to stretch actually run the race with them.

“It’s great to see how kids are given an opportunity to challenge one another.” Senior Kelvin Santos said. “It is fun working with kids.”

The coaches from Springdale High School started the Mini Bulldog Race in order to build a bigger community for younger runners as well as raise money for their programs. Kids in grades kindergarten to sixth grade are put into different divisions based on their grades and gender. After the race, the top 10 boys and girls get medals and every participant gets a ribbon. Kids can sign up by getting a form from the office of their school, or register on the Springdale School District website, sdale.org.

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