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Teachers Make the Most of Online Teaching

Technology in today’s society has flourished exponentially and has improved our ability to perform difficult tasks; however, with great ability comes great responsibility. From thousands of deaths to shutting down schools worldwide, we can all agree that COVID-19 has taken a toll on how our lives normally function. The process of shutting down schools and implementing safety rules in order to prevent the spread of the virus is occurring all over the world. This pandemic has affected how students learn and with everything going virtual, how are teachers dealing with this unusual event? 

Cynthia Robinson, a college trigonometry and finite teacher at SHS, finds it difficult to interact with her students when everything is done online.  “I miss the face to face interaction with my students.  I just don’t feel like having class online is as effective, nor as efficient.” she said. 

Aside from focusing on helping her students with their needs, Robinson also takes the time at home to create quality memories with her family during this quarantine, such as enjoying lunch together and playing games.

 “One of our favorite lunch time games is a dice game called QUIXX.  We also have been driving around on the weekends exploring new places.”

Although quarantine can be boring, there are still some bright sides to it. For some teachers who are teaching online for the first time, there seems to be some positive aspects of going virtual. Tara Harcourt, a geometry teacher, says that she enjoys being able to teach anywhere. 

“I like being able to go outside to get some fresh air whenever I’d like. There’s no line for the copier. I don’t have to rush to eat lunch. Time is flexible!”  Harcourt also enjoys being able to control her time according to her needs. Aside from that, virtual teaching is difficult when there is no face-to-face communication with her students and “it’s also hard to teach from home with a nine-month-old baby.” 


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