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Top 5 Netflix Shows to Binge While Social Distancing

Netflix is the number one streaming service in the world.  From shows like Stranger Things to blockbuster hits like Avengers Infinity War, there’s plenty to entertain. During this time of panic and uncertainty, many turn to TV to escape reality. These are the top 5 shows to watch during social distancing. 


5. Black lighting 

Hero/Principal  Jefferson Pierce believed his crime-fighting days as Black Lighting were over until his Daughter Jennifer gets recruited by a street gang called the 100. Jefferson Pierce will stop at nothing to make sure his family is secure and to restore the light that was put out by the 100 as Black lightning. 


4. Never Have I Ever

Forbes says “’Never Have I Ever’ is Netflix’s best teen comedy to date.” Created by Comedian/Actress Mindy Kaling, his show invites us into the world of Devi, a Hindu-American teenage girl who feels the need to improve her social status but between her parents, friends, and life will that be possible.


3. Charmed (original) 

This classic Sc-Fi Fantasy show ran from 1998-2006 and after 8 seasons their legacy still goes strong with countless comic books trailing it. The show centers around three sisters, who become witches after the youngest, Phoebe, reads an incantation activating their powers. These three sisters inherit the power to freeze time, move things with their minds, and see the future. They are known as the charmed ones,  the world’s most powerful trio of witches.


2. The Fosters

   Meet Callie, a teenager who has been from foster home to foster home. One day Callie meets Lena, a mother who takes her in. Callie’s commentary brings forth conflict and curiosity within the family as she finds her way in this world.


  1. On My Block

This show is about four teenagers: Monse, Ruby, Ceasar, and Jamal. They try to find where they stand in this lonely world. While being a teen in one of  Los Angeles’s most dangerous cities makes the four realize that all they have is each other, adversity constantly tests their friendship.

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